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Junior Comfort Eco

Junior Comfort children's eco hot water bottles from Hugo Frosch

Children are curious and explore the world by observing, imitating, comprehending, grasping and touching, and also do not stop attempting explorations with their mouth and tongue. As a result, despite all caution on the part of parents, direct contact of mucous membranes on the skin and in the mouth with the "research objects" can never be entirely excluded. That is why we have decided to offer only PVC-free products to protect our smallest children.

Managing Director Hugo Frosch takes a clear stance here: "The subject of safety is our top priority with hot water bottles for babies and children."

Junior Comfort eco hot water bottles are patented and have a safety fastener

Produced from over 90% renewable resources, PVC-free and free of plasticizers (phthalates), the children's eco hot water bottles are an environmentally friendly and sustainably produced source of warmth which alleviate stomach ache, bring comfort, help children to fall asleep and quickly become little playmates.

Jolly friends for the young and the young at heart

In our program you will find carefully worked, fluffy fleece covers and covers with adorable embroidered appliqués as well as many cheerful designs which give pleasure to the young and the young at heart. The amazing duck "gagi" was designed by children for children and is available in two different variations. Also pug dog fancier and passionate gatherers of frogs and owls will be highly thrilled about the cuddly playmates at home.

Hidden in a high quality merino new wool, the small "eco" benefits from the natural temperature regulation of this natural product. These felt covers are exclusively produced for Hugo Frosch. They are handmade in Nepal - no child labor.

The handy size of the Junior Comfort eco hot water bottle with a 0,8 lit capacity also makes it an ideal travel companion. It fits in any bag and is therefore the first choice for relief of minor ailments while on the go.