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Children's hot water bottles

BESTSELLER: Hugo Frosch children's hot water bottles "Sheep"

Once upon a time there was a little sheep that was always teased by all the sheep in its herd because it was so small and because it could never jump as fast as all its comrades with its short legs. It was very sad about that and therefore frequently alone on the go.

One day the little sheep observed the brown tabby cat which ran back and forth restlessly and was apparently missing one of its kittens. She had recently had kittens and since that time had always tried to keep her offspring under control and together.

Suddenly the little sheep heard a feeble meowing from a bush on the edge of the field. It ran there as fast as it could and discovered the little kitten sitting terrified in a hole in the ground from which it could not free itself. The little sheep carefully climbed down a bit and gently took the kitten between its teeth. Then it carefully shimmied backwards from the hole and out of the bush, and quickly ran back to the mama cat, which was infinitely pleased as she saw her kitten again unscathed.

The other sheep watched the rescue and were suddenly very proud of their comrade. They had learned that even small animals could accomplish great things, and they never teased the little sheep again.

Our TIP: With this little story and the sweet sheep in your children`s arms, going to bed becomes a wonderful ritual.

Protection and safety are also the most important thing for the smallest.

That is why all original Hugo Frosch children's hot water bottles are quality products "Made in Germany", checked and monitored by independent, accredited laboratories.

Cuddly fun with integrated hot water bottle

You can give any child triple the pleasure with one of these soft cute animals. It is triple the pleasure because when folded out, bear, elefant and sheep can be used as a cuddly cushion. A classic hot water bottle is hidden in the stomach of the cozy animals, and in addition a hook and loop fastener very quickly makes the cushions adorable playmates again.

Rumour has it that team members are also madly in love with the super cute sheep... and they grew up a long time ago! Or so they say …