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Hot water bottles and eco hot water bottles in highest quality "Made in Germany"
A very special love story “Made in Germany”

It all started in 1999 in a little Bavarian village. There, unbeknown to the outside world, a very special love story began - Hugo Frosch and hot water bottles. What started as a vision in Hugo´s head, is today inspiring people all around the world. From the beginning, more and more hot water bottle ideas gradually took shape. The new ones did not have to disappear after use, because they are simply too beautiful to be kept hidden away in drawers.

Hugo Frosch started with a small range of adorable items and up to nowadays his innovation strength is unbroken.

A dedicated team of hot water bottle enthusiasts transform new ideas and trends into wonderful and warming favorite companions for all occasions. Successful products get a regular makeover. Safety is priority, so high quality standards “Made in Germany” are still a matter of course and will be in the future.

Meanwhile, the current collection has expanded to more than 100 classic hot water bottles and eco hot water bottles, available either wrapped in attractive covers or simply straight.

Enjoy to discovering our "world warmers" from Aletshausen!

Designer cushions with integrated ECO HOT WATER BOTTLE Confidently stylish home accessory with added value - get to know and love this cuddly! LEBENSART for any atmosphere.

ECO HOT WATER BOTTLES, also with ORGANIC COVERS Save the environment while relaxing in pleasant warmth. Here you'll find innovations for well-being also wrapped with ORGANIC covers.

HOT WATER BOTTLES - classics and trends More than "just" a loyal and reliable source of warmth that even our grandmothers loved! Wrapped in high-quality covers, they are the top sellers and favourites of the season.

CHILDREN'S HOT WATER BOTTLES and CHILDREN'S ECO HOT WATER BOTTLES Cuddly comforters: Eco Junior Comfort, fluffy and wrapped or classics concealed in animal motifs for playing and cuddling.