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Mini Hot Water Bottles

So small and yet sooo nice and warm – Hugo Frosch Mini hot water bottles

We thought it must also be possible to have warmth to-go. After all, who hasn't experienced those moments when you wish for a bit of warmth up close. And because everything in the Hugo Frosch team eventually comes to be about hot water bottles, the idea was born: we are going to develop hot water bottles that are so handy you can take them anywhere.

The result: 200 ml of warmth – so small and yet so warm. Extraordinary, but of course with the same level of safety as the "big ones"; no compromise on anything! As always, produced in Aletshausen, in beautiful Swabia. And tested here too. As small as they are, our minis, they are made of the best thermoplastic and are also subject to the strictest safety controls. Word of honour.

Mini hot water bottle, pocket warmer, baby hot water bottle: our little darlings can be used anywhere

Such a tiny, adorable hot water bottle is even more charming when combined with a beautiful cover. We`re sure you'll agree with us there. Which is why we have wrapped them up so lovingly. Oh yes! They are tucked away in knitted covers, in organic cotton-, velvety soft velour- or fleece covers. With or without applications – they're enough to make your heart melt!

We would be really delighted if you'd adopt them and try out what it's like to have these little hot water bottles with you everywhere. Warmth has never been more mobile.

Our TIP: The minis are guaranteed to be very welcome as a small token or gift for the hosts of a barbecue evening, coffee afternoon, hospital visit etc.!

We are already really curious to see which pockets the warming minis will slip into.