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News from Hugo Frosch

HOORRAAYY! Our first "babies" are here!

Okay – no, not live babies that fidget, smile or scream and rob us of our night's sleep – but our handy "baby hot water bottles" with a dainty 0.2 litre capacity.

The first models of the new product line, which correctly wants to be called "mini hot water bottles", are now available and – what can we say? You take it in your hand... then instantly want to put it in your jacket as a pocket warmer and take it with you. And that's what they're for. "Warmth to-go" – because cold fingers are unpleasant. Or because your own human baby prefers lying in a pram that's been warmed up. … or because they're filled with cold water or ice cubes and cool your eyes sooo wonderfully after a long night. …or… for many other uses that come to mind when they start living with you. They're very devoted!

The line is being launched with the "Feather" and "Anchor" models in organic cotton covers. The covers can of course be washed, as with all our hot water bottles. Hygiene is important wherever the hot water bottles go on tour! Especially at times like these.

We would be really delighted if you'd adopt them and try out what it's like to have these little hot water bottles with you everywhere. This clearly has the potential for a lot of innovation (in technical jargon this is called product innovation). Warmth has never been more mobile.

The two minis being launched now will be added to with no less than 9 more by the autumn! "siblings" in very different designs. We will keep you informed and are already curious to see which pockets the warming minis are all going to slip into.

Kindest Regards
Your Hugo Frosch Marketing Team


We are continuing production as usual. Right now our highest priority is to protect our employees. So we have implemented additional safety features. Some employees are working via home office. In our factory the distance between work stations has been increased. All employees must strictly follow the improved hygiene standards. Safety procedures are checked and monitored daily.

Currently we are able to dispatch our hot water bottles without any restrictions.

The new collection is expected to be available from autumn 2020.

The product catalogue 20/21 is available to download -> HERE