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SWR Marktcheck

2016. 02. 16 || Harmful substances in hot water bottles? Marktcheck, a famous TV Special by SWR, examined the facts and also tested a product made by Hugo Frosch. We are glad to inform you about a fantastic result. Winner of overall evaluation is Hugo Frosch classic hot water bottle.

Pro Sieben Galileo

2016. 02. 05 || Not only in wintertime hot water bottles provide us with cozy warmth. But what´s about safety? Galileo, a TV science magazine by ProSieben, was keen to get to know it and sent a film crew to Hugo Frosch Company to watch the local production.

Many interesting facts about Hugo Frosch hot water bottles

2017.04.07 || In our film you will see how imaginative our ancestors were before there was the good old hot water bottle and how the simple rubber hot water bottle became a resource-sparing, high-tech product - the eco hot water bottle.