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A very special love story “Made in Germany”

It all started in 1999 in a little Bavarian village. There, unbeknown to the outside world, a very special love story began - Hugo Frosch and hot water bottles. What started as a vision in Hugo's head, is today inspiring people all around the world. And not just for neck, stomach and back pain ...

Meanwhile, the current collection has expanded to more than 100 classic hot water bottles and eco hot water bottles, available worldwide, either wrapped in attractive covers or simply straight. High quality standards „Made in Germany“ is priority, so all of our hot water bottles are checked and monitored by independent, accredited laboratories.

Please click here for an entertaining little journey through two decades of company history. Hugo Frosch and the hot water bottle.

Trendy: The wool felt collection from Hugo Frosch

Pure nature! Covers made of 100% new merino wool - beautiful, handmade and unique. Fair and exclusively produced in Nepal for our hot water bottles and eco hot water bottles.

Our clip gives an on-site insight into a complex manufacturing process. Would you like to learn how felt in bright colors is produced? Interested in watching how attractive designs are created just with the help of a simple needle and a lot of dexterity?

We invite you to have a look right now.

To fill a hot water bottle and to store it correctly - how it works!

Our thermoplastic hot water bottles are made exclusively of high quality, phthalate-free material. They are checked and monitored by independent, accredited laboratories.

We produce all of our hot water bottles in Germany in order to ensure consistently high quality standards.

But how to fill a hot water bottle correctly? Get smart with our clip!

How to fill the eco hot water bottle correctly!

We love it: Our Eco hot water bottle! Wrapped in adorable covers, both the “small” and the “big eco” warm our hearts as well as our feet or cold hands.

But how do you fill these innovative bottles with water properly? Can you do anything wrong? Or as they say: How to fill an eco hot water bottle safely.

Check out our clip! Have fun and stay safe!

Very special cushions for very special people.

LEBENSART: Outside sophisticated designer cushion – inside eco hot water bottle! This confidently stylish home accessory by Hugo Frosch even gives you cozy warmth.

Perfect accessory to enjoy outdoor summer evenings or to relax on your sofa. Under the high-quality cushion (approx. 60 x 40 cm) of our exclusive product line there is a separate liner with zipper, in which the hot water bottle “Made in Germany” is well-wrapped. Relaxation can be so stylish! Typically Hugo Frosch.

SWR Marktcheck

2016. 02. 16 || Harmful substances in hot water bottles? Marktcheck, a famous TV Special by SWR, examined the facts and also tested a product made by Hugo Frosch. We are glad to inform you about a fantastic result. Winner of overall evaluation is Hugo Frosch classic hot water bottle.

Pro Sieben Galileo

2016. 02. 05 || Not only in wintertime hot water bottles provide us with cozy warmth. But what´s about safety? Galileo, a TV science magazine by ProSieben, was keen to get to know it and sent a film crew to Hugo Frosch Company to watch the local production.

Many interesting facts about Hugo Frosch hot water bottles

2017.04.07 || In our film you will see how imaginative our ancestors were before there was the good old hot water bottle and how the simple rubber hot water bottle became a resource-sparing, high-tech product - the eco hot water bottle.