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Product diversity

No need to wonder why Hugo Frosch offers soooo many hot water bottle models. Just enjoy the diversity!

Many years ago we discovered, that humans long for warmth. Each in his own way. As a result, the Hugo Frosch team consists of many hot-water bottle enthusiasts making your choice even more difficult today. Every customer can find just the right thing for themselves and their end customers in our extensive range of thermoplastic and eco hot water bottles.

At the beginning of each year, we present our new products to the international trade audience. The new items are available from autumn on for the following fall-winter-season. Additionally we provide a huge and continually updated standard assortment.

Over the course of two decades now, we were able to help quite a lot of people with our hot water bottles to spend even more cozy hours on their sofa. For many, this regular relaxation feels more wellness than a holiday somewhere in the south. No matter which of our hot water bottles you choose, you can always take the comforting feeling of warmth anywhere.