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Hugo Frosch premium hot water bottles made of thermoplastic

We exclusively use high quality material with excellent characteristics for the production of our thermoplastic hot water bottles. Additionally our hot water bottles are phthalate-free and they are subject to stringent safety checks. Furthermore we constantly try to optimize our products according to consumer needs.

All of our thermoplastic hot water bottles are checked and monitored by independent, accredited laboratories. Moreover our products are tested for harmful substances and have a two year water-tightness guarantee.
Learn more about "How safe are hot water bottles?" by watching Galileo on TV .

Product Capacity
Mini hot water bottle ca. 0,2 Ltr.
Little heart ca. 0,4 Ltr.
Junior ca. 0,6 Ltr.
Heart ca. 1,0 Ltr.
Round ca. 1,2 Ltr.
Classic ca. 1,8 Ltr.

Classic product line is available with grooved surface and also half ribbed, named "Hugo". Both product lines are produced according to the British Standard BS 1970:2012. This labelling is an important sales argument for our customers abroad.

"Good old hot water bottle" - an attractive everyday product

Our hot water bottles are available in many attractive colours, as well as wrapped with a variety of exclusive covers for all tastes. You can find them also coated in nice cuddly animals to make your children happy.