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Product quality

High product quality "Made in Germany" characterizes all Hugo Frosch hot water bottles

Especially for an often used everyday product, high quality standards are particularly important. We regularly use our own products and attach great importance to the fact that they are exactly made as we want them to be - as consumers. First of all we test each new product development on ourselves and optimize it several times until the final product is ready to be sent into many countries in the world, where people precisely therefore made their decision for our premium hot water bottles.

Owner Hugo Frosch: "Only here in Germany we are able to guarantee our customers a consistently high level of product quality. Those, who buy one of our hot water bottles manufactured in Bavaria, should be able to do this with a totally satisfied feeling."

All of our hot water bottles are checked and monitored by independent, accredited laboratories. The majority of our range is certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

Hugo Frosch offers two product lines:

1) High quality thermoplastic hot water bottles

Hot water bottles - already well beloved by our grandmothers. Nowadays you will find not only the classics in our assortment, but also trendy colors and innovative shapes with many attractive covers. Available in 6 sizes …
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2) Eco hot water bottles, made of more than 90 % renewable resources

The ultimate innovation - company founder Hugo Frosch was very much committed to the idea of developing and launching the world´s first eco hot water bottle. He made it! Available in 2 sizes …
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